Republicans Must Find the Next Reagan to Communicate Conservatism or Face Electoral Wilderness

President Trump isn’t the right person to communicate conservative principles to Gen Z and Millennials.

All eyes are on the 2020 election. The polls don’t look good for President Trump. There’s a possibility of the polls being inaccurate due to the repercussions of supporting him, but they aren’t far off. This election will be more divisive than in 2016. It will feel like the most important election in history due to the vitriol against Trump.

I’m arguing the 2024 election will be the most important for the Republican Party. That’s where the future of the party gets decided. If the Republicans win in 2020, the next election could be tougher. It’s very difficult to keep the same party in the White House for three straight terms.

Trump isn’t the best communicator for conservative ideas. He has governed almost as conservative as Reagan, but his demeanor is repulsive to younger voters. Millennials and Gen Z will be the biggest voting blocks in the country as the Baby Boomer generation population declines. Changing demographics will play a large role in the election too. Minorities lean left most of the time, so that signals trouble for Republicans.

It will feel like the most important election in history due to the vitriol against Trump.

Conservatives must stop reminiscing about Reagan. Every Republican candidate and even some Democrats compare themselves to him. There’s no other president in recent history that happens to. They need to look forward and not backward.

President Trump isn’t the future of the Republican Party. There’s a good chance he gets re-elected, but the party has no one obvious that appeals to younger voters on their bench. One exception could be former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley. She would appeal to a broader range of voters since she is young, female and a minority.

No one has communicated conservative principles well since Reagan. He was called the “Great Communicator” for a reason. The way conservatism gets communicated now to young people isn’t appealing. It isn’t “cool” or “woke.”

The candidate needs a style that connects with young people. Conservative principles must get explained in a way that shows the benefits to those generations.

Republicans aren’t effective communicating the harmfulness of high taxes, over-regulation, and big government. If a far-left candidate wins in 2020, the message gets easier. It shouldn’t be hard to point out the failures of current and historic left-wing socialist regimes. They can start with Venezuela, Cuba, the former Soviet Union, and North Korea.

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We need to lock the door and throw away the key to political correctness and identity politics. The value of the individual must get emphasized instead of group identity. Pandering to certain populations isn’t the right way to win hearts and minds.

Trump has taken these issues head-on and is the reason why he got elected in 2016. We don’t know if the same tactics will work in 2020. The candidate needs to take apart those ideologies in smart ways. Reagan had many one-liners that were effective. They were witty, humorous, and sounded like common sense. That’s the best way to beat the vocal Social Justice Warrior crowd. Bashing people on Twitter isn’t a winning strategy for anyone except for Trump.

Millennials and Gen Z will be the biggest voting blocks in the country as the Baby Boomer generation population declines.

Addressing climate change and setting the record straight on solutions will be a big issue. Millennials and Gen Z had fear and ideology indoctrinated throughout their education and in media. They only see one side of the issue and taught ineffective solutions. Facts and figures about how bad the problem could be and what to do about it need to be louder than the opposing view. Virtue signaling solutions such as the benefits of getting rid of plastic straws and bags need to get debunked. The feel-good solution always has unintended negative consequences. We never hear about those.

Win or lose in 2020, the following presidential election is more important. If Republicans win, they will be trying to hold the White House after 8 years of a divisive president. If they lose, they will need to explain the benefits of conservatism to younger generations in more articulate ways. Conservatives must start looking for a candidate who will be the next Reagan.

Imperfect Christian, elder Millennial, I don’t care about your skin color, anti-Marxist, and Medium’s leading conservative voice providing diversity of thought.

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