Open America Now If Thousands Can Protest in the Streets

If large protests are taking place and rioters can destroy property, it’s time to end COVID-19 restrictions and let us live our lives.

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Does anyone remember when America was gripped by fear of a pandemic with a 1.38% death rate for those who contracted the virus according to WebMD? In case you forgot, the government forced us to shelter in place for weeks, “non-essential” businesses got forced to close, millions of people lost their jobs, and the government spent trillions of dollars we don’t have for stimulus checks. We were told to socially distance and wear masks in public.

People were shaming others who weren’t following social distancing policies. Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York City told citizens to report anyone violating social distancing orders. Instead of asking for the manager, “Karens” were calling the police on innocent gatherings. Why aren’t Karens losing their minds about protestors and rioters violating safer at home rules and social distancing? Those same people can be found in protests and riots now.

These riots and protests prove that the rules don’t apply to everyone. A salon owner in Texas was jailed for opening her business to feed her family and a gym owner in California was arrested for allowing people to work out because he lost a third of his membership that took over a year to get. It’s argued the lockdown violated the First Amendment by closing religious centers, but the government won’t stop you from forming a large protest.

Why aren’t Karens losing their minds about protestors and rioters violating safer at home rules and social distancing?

The government will come after small business owners violating social distancing guidelines trying to feed their family, but most rioters run free after destroying businesses and lives. It’s not ok to have religious gatherings but fine for thousands of protestors to clog streets of major cities. It’s all about what the people in power choose to allow. Our leaders arbitrarily decided to ignore every order they gave for months to allow protesting.

Politicians will have no credibility when they want us to keep staying home after the protests and riots end. Why should we believe what they and the so-called experts say after they have been wrong about so many things with the pandemic? People obviously aren’t as afraid of the virus as before based on the sizes of these riots and protests. It’s very convenient to follow the mask rules when you are looting stores and destroying property.

Major cities now have curfews in addition to the stay at home recommendations. This only serves to extend the government’s control over citizens. The only ones who are obeying them are people who follow the law. Curfews have done nothing to stop violent protests and looting from thugs. Did state and city officials think if they told people to get home by 9 o’clock they would listen?

It’s obvious the state and local officials pick and choose which rules to enforce. Their actions favor allowing people who want to go out and destroy lives and property over good people in society. There shouldn’t be one business owner arrested or jailed after this chaos ends. Businesses should choose to follow social distancing guidelines because experts change their narratives all the time. It’s time to let the productive people in America get back to work unleash the American economy once again.

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