I’m really motivated by making $19,000 a month on here. I want to fire my job. I’m never going to make the amount of money I want in the corporate rat race. It’s designed to have you work for 50 years and 50 hours a week. That sounds worse to me than people making that much money on here. I get your point of the “wow this person made so much on here” clickbait. I can’t stand it either. Would you feel different if people were making that much money writing quality articles?

I get pissed when I write about Medium and it gets more views than my political or history articles. I’ve never been a fan of the term equality. If I work 5x harder than someone else, I don’t want them making as much money on here as me.

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Imperfect Christian, elder Millennial, I don’t care about your skin color, anti-Marxist, and Medium’s leading conservative voice providing diversity of thought.

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