Democrats Really Don’t Care About Your Safety

Democratic Party motives for all mail-in voting due to safety is a joke and would make the 2000 election look like a walk in the park.

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Democrats are pushing hard for mail-in voting because of COVID-19 safety reasons. If you have watched the news in the past couple of months, you would see the hypocrisy and what a joke that is. Democrats want more lockdowns, kids out of school, businesses closed, and the economy to tank before the election to hurt Trump. The Left doesn’t mind sacrificing people’s livelihoods in order to get Hidin’ Biden into the White House.

The mainstream media spreads panic about COVID-19 and only focuses on Republican lead states while ignoring the disasters in New York, New Jersey, and California. They don’t want to report any good news because that would make people think we can get back close to normal. We’re told to stay home and wait for the next check that Uncle Sam can’t really cash, and everything will be ok.

We’re supposed to stay home unless we protest or riot for social justice in huge crowds after George Floyd’s death. The mainstream media celebrated mass gatherings and criticized lockdown protests. This can only mean you are allowed to take part in mass protests for the reasons the Left approves of. In case you feel confused, Democrats say it’s safe to protest, but not to go to the voting booth while social distancing with masks because that’s too dangerous. This makes perfect sense in the mind of a Democrat.

The Left doesn’t mind sacrificing people’s livelihoods in order to get Hidin’ Biden into the White House.

All mail-in voting is a recipe for disaster, but Democrats sell it as the safest way to vote. There’s no scientific data that says we can go to restaurants and bars with social distancing, but not vote in person. The Postal Service will get overwhelmed with the number of ballots. There’s no guarantee your ballot will get to you on time or arrive by the deadline for it to count. It’s surprising Democrats want to put the election in the hands of Trump’s post office instead of voting precincts in all the major urban areas they control.

If Democrats get their way with mail-in voting, we may not have a definitive result for months. This gives plenty of time for ballots in key states to all of a sudden “show up.” There will be lawsuits in every state and the election will get caught up in the courts. Americans are already at each other's throats. The 2000 election was the flashpoint of the political dumpster fire we have now. We were a much more civil society back then and a repeat would get very dangerous and the Left has no hesitation about rioting if they don’t get their way.

Leftists aren’t being honest with themselves if they think mail-in voting is necessary for our safety. The celebrate rioters destroying our big cities while saying they are “mostly peaceful” protests with a fire burning behind them. The George Floyd protests would be a preview of what’s to come if Trump doesn’t win by a decisive margin. He probably won’t win the popular vote again but could win the Electoral College in another landslide. That’s a good enough reason to cause mayhem.

There are legitimate reasons for absentee voting and that’s a great alternative for vulnerable populations. They shouldn’t be forced out of their homes if their health is at risk, but they aren’t the majority of voters. If you are healthy and think it’s safe to go to bars and gyms, you can cast your vote in person. Don’t believe the lie mail-in voting is the only way to go. The more votes there are in person, the better chance we get the right election result on election November 3rd.

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