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Dr. Seuss went Obi-Wan Kenobi on the Left yesterday by dominating Amazon sales.

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Leftists are creating a world where something has to be stupid every day. They can look at anything and find racism or something to hate. That sure sounds like a life void of any joy or meaning.

Yesterday it was time to cancel Dr. Seuss because some of his characters and depictions looked racist to some over-educated academics and so-called “experts.” Academia used to be a source of knowledge and now it’s turned into the source of every nonsensical idea destroying our culture.

The Left has embraced…

Facebook and Twitter have no problem with the Left comparing their opponents to Nazis

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Hey Jack! Were your Twitter underlings and algorithms asleep during CPAC over the weekend?

We thought you wanted to remove disinformation and hate speech from your platform. Nazi expert and average actress Alyssa Milano tweeted a strange idea that the stage was a Nazi symbol called the Odal Rune. That’s stupid because it's Republican Party who is the one always standing by Israel. It’s pretty far-fetched they would intentionally use a Nazi symbol for their conference. Here are some facts that show the gap in support…

Today’s race hustlers are setting America back decades

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Do you still believe in the dream of Martin Luther King Jr? That’s the best question to ask someone to see if they are serious about ending racism.

In case you have forgotten or ignore his dream because it doesn’t fit your race agenda he famously stated, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

Antiracism theories and Black Lives Matter have no connection to…

The hotel chain came under fire from leftists because they dared to host an event with views they don’t share

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The Left is outraged that Hyatt Hotels is hosting the 2021 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). They started another tiresome and predictable boycott attempt with the hashtag #boycottHyatt to harm a business that holds more diverse views than them.

People complained that President Donald Trump would be speaking at the event on Sunday, the backgrounds of the speakers, claims of White supremacy, and lax Wuhan Flu restrictions. It’s good Hyatt rejected false left-wing claims that everything is racist and mask…

The Left and mainstream media want you to believe racists are everywhere

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It’s time for conservatives and traditional liberals to challenge the Left’s notion that racism and racists are everywhere. It’s simply not true.

Since George Floyd’s death, the race industry has exploded and plenty of people and organizations, Black Lives Matter being the most famous or infamous depending on your point of view, are making large sums of money promoting the false narrative that America is a fundamentally and systemically racist place without naming specifics.

How many racists do you know? Do the ones who live or work around…

Biden’s nominee for Attorney General, or wingman, needs to figure out important issues he will face

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Merrick Garland can’t answer softball questions Republicans asked him on a couple of the biggest issues America faces. It’s not hard to form a coherent thought on whether illegal border crossings should remain a crime or if trans women should compete in women’s sports.

Everyone knows Garland has opinions on these issues. Try finding an American who follows politics who hasn’t formed one on them. …

Coca Cola could be in violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 with a racist employee training seminar

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How would you like to walk into work one day and sit in training that tells you to be less like the color of your skin? That doesn’t sound anti-racist and it's exactly what happened to Coca-Cola employees when they were told to “be less white” to fight racism.

Coke has gone full woke and a brave whistleblower leaked screenshots from the training created by race hustler Robin DiAngelo. Try telling any other race to be less of…

We should all be thankful we have so many useful people finding White supremacy and racism everywhere

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There’s a good chance a math class like this could be coming to a government school near you.

If you live in Oregon, it could have already arrived. Teachers in Oregon were encouraged to take a course not on how to teach math more effectively to their students, but to encourage an emphasis on “ethnomathematics.” This goes way beyond students having diverse people in word problems to solve. …

The “Love Trumps Hate” crowd sure had plenty of hate when they heard he lost his battle with Stage IV lung cancer

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People on the Left who preach tolerance, love, empathy, and unity were an utter failure at practicing what they preach when they heard Limbaugh died.

It appears those things only matter if they relate to their beliefs and causes. They only show tolerance or love to people who agree with their dogmas. They really mean unite with us and everything we believe or face the consequences. …

He shared valuable lessons we can all use every opportunity he had

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We lost an American icon this week. Rush Limbaugh passed away on February 17th at the age of 70 and he was responsible for singlehandedly transforming the radio industry into what it is today. Love him or hate him, he gave us a great perspective on life during his last year on earth.

Limbaugh was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer, a terminal diagnosis, last February. He was open about what he was going through during his broadcasts but never played the victim. That’s something he preached during…

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