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They are more concerned about appearing woke than standing up for the truth

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Photo by Miguel Ángel Sanz on Unsplash

Delta, American, and Coca-Cola CEOs couldn’t have made themselves look any dumber last week when they pretended to know things about Georgia election reform.

It’s obvious they didn’t go over the bill in any depth because they all dutifully repeated the same false left-wing talking points. Everything Ed Bastian from Delta Airlines and James Quincey from Coca-Cola said about the bill was wrong. They’re proof our education system is failing us because they believed Joe Biden when he said it was the…

Coca Cola could be in violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 with a racist employee training seminar

Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash

How would you like to walk into work one day and sit in training that tells you to be less like the color of your skin? That doesn’t sound anti-racist and it's exactly what happened to Coca-Cola employees when they were told to “be less white” to fight racism.

Coke has gone full woke and a brave whistleblower leaked screenshots from the training created by race hustler Robin DiAngelo. Try telling any other race to be less of…

He’s the only elected conservative leader bold enough to take the fight to the Left

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Ron DeSantis is setting the example for all Republican leaders to follow. He’s signs bills that are direct attacks on the Left’s agenda and doesn’t care about the outrage that follows. It’s obvious the corporate media and the Democrats fear him for 2024 because they’ve already started opposition research on him. He’s getting media treatment a Republican nominee gets when “60 Minutes” edited an interview to attempt to smear him last month.

Florida is the nation’s model for handling…

His Department of Education is planning to teach history based on the debunked 1619 Project and insert racist anti-racism ideology into curriculums

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Get ready to hear a whole lot more about racism if that’s possible. The debunked 1619 Project and Ibram Kendi’s radical anti-racism ideology could be coming to a school near you. The Left loves to say that racism is a pandemic. They are right if they refer to this ideology as a virus infecting our schools and brainwashing students. …

Republicans have forgotten fiscal responsibility while battling endless culture wars started by the Left

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The Left has Republicans exactly where they want them. Their invented race, immigration, and gender wars have taken all attention from Republicans away from fiscal responsibility. We can’t go a week without Joe Biden coming up with another multi-trillion-dollar plan to put us further into debt we won’t get under control unless Republicans learn to do more than one thing at a time.

The Tea Party fought Obama but there’s no opposition like them to Biden’s out-of-control spending. Where are…

They lost all authority to speak about race after their disgraceful behavior before and after his State of the Union response

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Senator Tim Scott (R) is the Left’s worst nightmare. He’s a prominent Black Republican who doesn’t buy into the Left’s toxic and false narrative on race. In their world, you aren’t allowed to be a minority and have conservative beliefs. The Left’s true colors show when someone like Scott speaks out and it’s an ugly sight.

Scott gave the Republican response to Biden’s sort of State of the Union speech. The Left lost their…

The only reason to pack the Supreme Court and DC statehood is to cement power

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Photo by Maria Oswalt on Unsplash

Democrats lost their minds when President Trump nominated Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court last year before the election. The Left cried foul by saying that he packed the court, was acting like a dictator, and destroying more norms of Washington. The one major difference this time was the Republicans controlled the Senate and White House. Trump performed his constitutional duty by getting Barrett on the court.

President Trump didn’t court pack. He didn’t add or remove any justices…

It’s something you aren’t allowed to ask, but we must with the current emphasis on skin color over the content of character and merit

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Royalty-free stock photo ID: 548132164 via Shutterstock

If you work for woke Corporate America that thought may have crossed your mind during the past year.

There aren’t many large businesses that don’t take left-wing political stances or aren’t investing in diversity and inclusion programs without the main emphasis on skin color instead of other factors. It’s hard to find a politically neutral or a large employer with conservative values outside of Hobby Lobby or Chick-fil-A. You know what…

America was getting less racist until left-wing activists decided to insert race into everything

Royalty-free stock photo ID: 1780576412 via Shutterstock by cUs-Graph

The Left weaponized the term “systemic racism” to blame for every problem we face in society without defining what it is. They can’t give a rational explanation of what it is because racist laws went out the window decades ago. Why would they define it when it can mean whatever they decide it does in the moment? It would get exposed as a fraudulent term once it’s defined because the meaning wouldn’t stand up in a rational debate.

Black Lives Matter wants systemically racist policies. It’s…

She views George Floyd’s death as a tool to advance her political agenda by thanking him for dying

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You never sound like an intelligent person when you try to make the most woke social justice statement about a divisive issue. Nancy Pelosi couldn’t have sounded like a worse human when she commented on the death of George Floyd and Derek Chauvin conviction.

Pelosi made the following reprehensible statement outside the US Capitol after the verdict announcement:

“And thank God, the jury validated what we saw, what we saw. So, again, thank you George Floyd for…

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